Thursday, February 17, 2011

Deceptively Delicious...mwa-ha-ha

The other day we had chicken patty sandwiches on buns & cauliflower for dinner. Little Miss dissected her sandwich (her thing as of late) and only ate the chicken.

She then declared she was done and I was not about to pick a fight - especially since daddy was out of town and not here to back me up.

So I suggested we have shakes for dessert. I then took her plate and when she wasn't looking added the bun and cauliflower to her fruit/yogurt shake. I tasted it and it was delicious! And yes, she drank the whole thing. Sucker!

Really - love this book! Love the simple idea it takes and once you understand a little bit about how to hide things in food - you can do it to your everyday recipes! Or when you're in a pinch with your 2 year old and decide to make *shakes* instead of fight.

It is also very much related to how you can make your own baby food - which I cannot wait to do again! I love my food processor! Oh, and I love my knock-off magic bullet blender my honey got me for Christmas. Here are a couple of the recipes from the book I've tried and posted about...

Easy Lasagna


  1. I am lucky to have kids that love veggies. Broccolli with parmesan cheese is the REQUEST at least once a week!
    The also like greenbeans (canned with garlic from Grandma Lori are the all time favorite), corn, and peas.
    they don't like carrots much, so I hide them in their meatloaf, hamburgers, and such.
    Be sure to share more of the recipes you try, and let us know how she liked them. I was thinking about getting this cookbook too.

  2. That cookbook is awesome! I just sent copies to all my sisters with little ones. It was nice to use with all my bottled baby food up once my little one had quit eating it too...


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