Monday, February 21, 2011

Celebrating President's Day Preschool Style

As your kids are home from school on Monday, take time to learn a little about the holiday we will be celebrating. Here are a few ideas to get started.

• Learn about each President. I found this awesome website that has info and activities for each President. Even though President’s Day celebrates the birthdays of Washington and Lincoln, you may want to spend some time learning about other presidents as well, particularly our current president.

• After learning about President Lincoln and Washington, make a mobile about them. I just had my daughter color a few pictures that described each one (the hat they wore, the money they are on), then hung them underneath that president.

• Learn all the Presidents in order. Make up a funny tune to remember them.

• Learn more about money. Talk about who is on each bill and coin (emphasize the ones that have Lincoln and Washington on them). Practice sorting or counting money, and learn what each coin is called.

• Discuss our flag. Look at how they have changed over the years. Discuss the meaning of the stars (one for each state) and stripes (13 colonies). Then decorate one! Just print out a blank flag, then use paint, glitter, scraps of paper, crayons, etc to finish it up.

Happy President’s Day!

Marie is a stay at home mom of two adorable kiddos who keep her super busy! She has a dual degree in Elementary Education and Early Childhood Education and continues to use her degree everyday of her mommy career!

Marie is one of my good friends and someone I look up to very much as a mommy. She has tons of fun ideas for things to do with your kids - so keep an eye out for her future guest posts.


  1. Hi Marie! I love these ideas! I'm going to feature them on my Sharing Saturday post today!


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