Saturday, February 5, 2011

Nursing Uniforms: Sponsor Spotlight

I am not a nurse - but who doesn't love the idea of lounging around in comfy scrubs all day? You know you do. I know I do!

My newest sponsor is Nursing Uniforms - they have the largest selection of nursing uniforms around! Free shipping for orders of $100 or more (so get together with some friends/co-workers and order up!) and they have fashionable prints, not just drab one color items...

Really - some of their nursing tops don't even look like nursing tops, super cute!

"Are you a medical professional? Are you trying to find the right uniform for your profession, one that looks good, is beautifully designed and lasts for a really long time? Working as a medical professional is hard enough; do you have to settle for boring uniforms as well? Check out our colorful, stylish, beautifully tailored, naturally breathable cotton nursing uniforms, medical uniforms and scrub tops today.

What’s more, our prices are hard to beat for the quality and the style we bring you. With fashionable scrub tops at as less as 11 dollars apiece, why would you want to wear the boring old standing issue scrub tops again? Browse our collection of happy colored and printed scrubs today, and find the one that looks best on you!"

Head on over and show my newest sponsor some love!

Nursing Uniforms

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