Monday, February 21, 2011

Honest Abe

Does this holiday make anyone else want to eat Cherry Pie? I'm just sayin'...

This has been a somewhat confusing day to celebrate with a 2 yr old. First of all - trying to explain a "country" to her is a little abstract. Secondly, the leader of the church we belong to also goes by "President" so differentiating the two has been interesting. But I think we've managed okay. I kept it nice and simple and just focused on one of my favorite presidents - Abraham Lincoln.

We started out by visiting the library and reading a gamat of books, these three were our favorites...

Then we broke out Little Miss's piggy bank and played sorting games with all the coins, talking about the men on the money at the same time...

We also did coin rubbings and colored a picture of Abraham Lincoln. {cilck here for more president coloring pages}

The coins gave me an opportunity to introduce our next activity easily, making a silhouette of Little Miss, like the men on the coins. However, she didn't want a silhouette of herself, she wanted one of her dolly - so we did that instead.

We then watched a movie about Abraham Lincoln that we also checked out from the library, I love the library. And talked about why he was such a good president.

I also want to make Honest Abe hats out of black poster board - but we'll probably do that later. You'll just have to picture a cute 2 yr old girl with a ridiculously tall hat on her head. =)

How will you celebrate Presidents Day and teach your children the importance of the liberty we have and the amazing men and women that got us here?


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