Saturday, February 26, 2011

What is Your Worth?

Any of you SAHM's or WAHM's feeling discouraged or under appreciated? Check out this site...

Find out how much you're worth annually! If I got paid a salary it would be over $177,000 - I'm awesome.

One qualm I did have with the site - it has you plug in your weekly hours for different activities. You can only plug in 168 hours (24x7)...what mom doesn't multi-task?! I can be feeding my infant while reading to my preschooler all at the same time. I can be cleaning my kitchen while paying bills while singing songs with my preschooler - all at the same time. But that's okay - I'll be happy with my pretend income of $177,000!

Go check out what you're worth!


  1. that was cool - I would get $150,000 - I would be happy with that :) LOL

  2. $133,645!! I'll take it!! That was fun. Thanks for the good read.

  3. 141,000.....good to know, Maybe I'll post it on the fridge to remember :)

  4. Hey Barb,

    What a fun blog! You don't have to publish this comment lol just thought I'd say how cute this blog is. I can't wait to be a Mom.


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