Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Books for Fair Trade

Have some books you've read and don't want to keep? Instead of giving them away - you can always trade them for other books online! There are a couple of different sites you can go through - super easy to use.

Just set up a user account and start listing your books. Soon you'll get requests for your books, ship them media mail (which is way cheap), and request your own books from other users!

I have used Book Mooch - not too bad. But from what I hear Paper Back Swap is more user friendly and has a greater selection of books to choose from.

One thing I do like about Book Mooch is the ability to set up a "wish list" - then you'll get emailed when someone lists one of the books you want so you can go request it from them, you don't have to constantly be searching the site inventory.

Have you used either site? Or a different one? What was your experience?


  1. I use paperbackswap all the time and love it. You can make a wish list also and when it's available they just send it out. It's so nice to ne able to get ride of books you don't read anymore and get new ones almost free. It costs to mail them (but cheap because you use media mail) and then it doesn't cost anything to get a book. Love it.

  2. Nice idea! I've never heard of doing this, so I'll have to take a look around! Thanks for the info!


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