Friday, February 4, 2011

40 Week Challenge

It's been a week since my Little Man was born - oh how we love him! But more on that's time for a horribly embarrassing confession...

When I had Little Miss I only gained 25 lbs...this Little Man made me gain 45!! ::sigh:: 45 lbs...ugh. Good thing he's cute {note adorable picture on the left}!

{*Update 2/5/11 - My math was wrong - he made me gain 55 lbs! Even better...I topped off at 180, oy. That hurts to say. of today I've dropped 25 lbs, I'm down to 155lbs.}

So I figured since I went from this...{note the skinny face} this...{note the fat face - gotta love water weight} 40 weeks. Maybe I should challenge myself to see what I can become in the next 40 weeks. *I'm going for thinner, not thicker* So that's my plan. And being held publicly responsible on my blog for my transformation will probably help me be a little bit more motivated. So if any of you are struggling with weight loss for any reason - please join me! Maybe we can help each other get over those plateaus.

First order of business - this great little new gadget on my sidebar, I found this site through a friends blog and love it! I'm excited to track all of my activity.

My goals for the coming 5 weeks (while I'm still recovering and can't do a lot) - is to walk as much as I can. Which proves to be a challenge since it is ridiculously cold outside where we live. Think I'll join those retiree mall walkers in the morning. =)

My ultimate goal is to be back to my 125 lbs by the end of 40 weeks and back into my skinny jeans! Cannot wait! And yes, I will be posting things like my weight and pictures (whether good or bad).

Have any good post-baby weight loss tips? Please share! My last pregnancy all I did was breastfeed and that was enough - but again with the 45 lbs, I think I'll need to do a little more than that.


  1. I wish you the best of luck! I'm a personal trainer and I think the first place to start is walking. Another thing to keep a hold on is those cravings in the middle of the night when you are feeding. It's hard! But if you need a snack, try grabbing fruits and veggies instead of crackers and stuff.

  2. After 3 babies I had almost gotten back to my pre-pre-pre-baby weight. I got pregnant with my 4th and final child. That pregnancy about destroyed me. I gained 80 lbs (I am 6ft tall) and lost a LOT of muscle from the months of bedrest.
    I just had baby...don't place goals on yourself that might be out of reach and discouraging.
    It's almost 2 years later for me, and I am about 20 lbs away from my goal...but, I refuse to allow it to control the way I feel about myself.
    If I want another eclair, I'm gonna damn well eat it. I refuse to have issues with food, or my butt.
    I still have weight loss goals, they just don't define me...with four small children...I have to be flexible.


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